Rainbow Light Leak Overlays

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80 Rainbow Lights featuring an assortment of prism light leaks, flares, and arcs in individual, high resolution JPG files. Perfect for photo overlays in photography, scrapbooking, invitations, photo albums, printables, greeting cards, business cards, album covers, collages, handmade art works, and so much more!

Easy to use in any photo editing program with layers and blending modes. Just set the blending mode to screen and layer it on top of your photos. Mix, match, and layer the rainbow light files for different effects! Each overlay will vary depending on the lighting and contrast in your photo.


80 Rainbow Lights:

- 15 Small Lights approximately 4 inches (1200px)

- 25 Medium Lights approximately 7 inches (2100px)

- 40 Big Lights approximately 11 inches (3300px)

- Individual, 300 DPI, high-resolution JPEGs on an isolated black background

Photography in previews not included.

From Unsplash.com photographers:

Elin Gann

Jake Young

Ali Pazani

Daiga Ellaby

Leo Rivas

Alex Perez

Morris Fayman

Muhd Asyraaf

Antony Xia

Annie Spratt

Swaraj Tiwari

Alex Iby

Oladimeji Odunsi

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80 Individual Prism Rainbow Light Leaks on an Isolated Black Background

Rainbow Light JPGs
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